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Welcome juniors and parents to the Northern Nevada Junior Golf Association web site. The NNJGA’s mission is to provide junior golfers in Northern Nevada with the opportunity to experience competitive golf.  We believe in self reliance and accepting responsibility for ones actions through competition. Our program focus is on golfers who have learned the fundamentals of the game, etiquette, and knowledge of the Rules of Golf. We provide an opportunity for them to test their abilities against other juniors in Northern Nevada and at team events on the west coast. Many of our former juniors have attained college scholarships, had or have successful careers in golf, and are business leaders in the community.

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Hi Jr’s and parents  Looks like the new year is about to start.  I know it has been a little confusing with Dean leaving and all.  I am putting up this site with just the bare essentials right now.  I will add the rest before the season starts.  There are some links below that should answer your questions.  

I will be emailing out the 2015 application form by March 15th.  All players in the NNJGA will need to have a GHIN number this year.  If your Jr. doesn’t have one you can get one for free at your club or you can sign up on the e-club of Reno site.  

The link is above.